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Swell Oyster Co. started with a goal to see the sunrise on the water every morning; to feel the sand beneath our feet in the summer and the ice in the winter; to breath nothing, but that salty, fresh air.  


We are passionate farmers.

We are playful surfers.

We are uptight environmentalists.

We are risky entrepreneurs with a goal to make decisions that fuel our desires,

to build a positive relationship with the place we love and give back to its beauty.

This business is a lifestyle, not a job.


Conor and Russ met while getting their Aquaculture degrees at the the University of Rhode Island. Since then, the two have spent time chasing waves and starting vegetable and poultry farms. While working at the well-known oyster bar, Row 34, the two decided farming oysters was a perfect marriage of their passions. Russ, being a Hampton Falls native, and Conor’s move to the Seacoast, made Hampton Harbor the perfect farm location.


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