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We are proudly farming the first Atlantic Oyster to have ever been commercially grown in Hampton Harbor. This means Swell Oyster Co. is developing an oyster flavor profile that has never been tasted.


Hampton Harbor is a sleepy, commercial fishing port known for cold, crisp water, fast and hard tides - the perfect environment to grow fresh, New England oysters. We are the only farm in New Hampshire to grow oysters using suspended aquaculture which results in consistent, hard, deep, easily shucked shells and full, plump meat.


Swell Oysters are a full cupped 2.5 inches with balanced, clean brine, scallop like texture and a smooth finish. An ideal product for raw oysters on the half shell.

Give us a call to order Swell's now, 603-760-8279. We happily deliver! 

Swell Oysters are currently available at


Row 34, Portsmouth NH

The Franklin Oyster House, Portsmouth NH

The Carriage House, Rye NH

Tinos, Hampton NH

Row 34, Boston MA

Island Creek Oyster Bar, Boston MA

Island Creek Oyster Bar, Burlington MA

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SHuck me, Suck me, eat me raw.